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Hey @JOEY, remember me? I stop working on software for a while and this is what I’m having with game development. I also came back to the university to continue my Software Engineering education, no more working for companies :slight_smile: Gained much experience out there. How are you?

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Bạn có dùng lib graphics phụ nào không? Và mất bao lâu để build được một engine có thể demo như trên?

Thank you.


this has been deleted by me

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Hi manh.
Rất ấn tượng. Bạn làm một mình hay với team nào vậy ? Làm 3D mà solo thì mệt lám. @_@!


Hiện tại team làm game của mình có 3 người, mỗi mình code, 2 bạn còn lại làm art, game design, marketing, vân vân
Vừa tuyển thêm một ông code nữa nhưng được 1 tuần thấy khó quá nên xin out rồi :smile:


Well, after having a chat with COO of Horus (game studio), now I know that there are Vietnamese teams also made their own game engine, including big teams, but they ended up throwing their engines away for many reasons.

Horus and JOY Entertainment spent 2 years on the engine and 1 year for the game but now they’re using another engine (maybe Unity or Unreal). He also advised me to give up my engine development because that would be a huge mistake like his team had made.

I told him that we were on different paths right from the start, he (and most of companies) wanted games but I aimed for technology and that’s why I make an engine and use it to make my own games.

I myself has been learning about game engine for years, that’s different from a bunch of people who only learn programming and software development jumping into game industry and try to make an engine like any foreign game company could (other countries have good base of game development to support that). So I keep believing the path that I’ve chosen.

My own advices for young game developers: If you want to make games, use anything to make good games, game engine is another story, don’t spend time to seriously make one until you’re sure that’s what you need and prepare a good development plan for it.

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Every company that has its own game engine are more than 15 years to develop, and that’s a big company, not a standalone person! Use another engine to make game is always a wise choice, not only because it is fast, but also it is stable and you can learn from them too!
The advice to give up is right because you have no experience about game development, you will be stuck in near future, in game engine development!

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Remember, you can keep asking people about the technical, but no one will tell you their experiences!


Wrong opinion, I don’t make AAA games, the engine I’ve been making should be perfect for the games that I make. There’s no convenient ways to achieve that with Unity and Unreal. I want to have complete control of the game and I won’t waste more than 2 years for my first game to be released.

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You wrong, even with a medium game, the engine must be stable too, I don’t talk about AAA game here! Don’t think that using Unity or Unreal will help you make good game, that’s very wrong opinion! Game dev is another story!


This is the last comment that I reply you because:

  • I don’t talk with people who claim to know the future: “you will be stuck in near future, in game engine development!”
  • I don’t talk with people who doesn’t understand basic terminologies: you keep using the word “stable” and you have no idea what is the difference between stability of Unity/Unreal/… and my engine, not to mention that you have no clue about my engine’s stability.

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Not a problem, you just someone, not so important! I just give you advice, like Horus people! You can try but if you listen to some one else, you can save useless time!

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There are many interesting real life problems to solve but why many talents like you are addicted to game???
Is there still a huge blank space between issues of real life and talents.
Or most of you come out from “peace” instead of “wars”??? trying to find problems in something unreal?
Sorry, but the more successful product you create, the worse enthusiastic users life become.


Suggestion to @everyone: ignore what me and NPAQ and said between each other, we have personal issues across different communities and that would bias anything we say although I tried not to let it.

As far as I know, he failed with many game ideas and tends to prove that people would end up like him to convince people to listen to his advices. I also receive many opinions about him from different people on how he jumped back and forth in the game development area.

So I won’t and don’t want to involve discussion with him anywhere including DNH and if some of you cares about my or his opinions, what I write above is something for you to consider.

From this post, please consider writing things that are related to game engine development.
If we couldn’t do it, some mod please lock the thread up for me.

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You said you want to discuss only but you attack me! First you shorten my name, then you speak about my failure!
You are too young, and I don’t have time to argue with you @manh !


Thanks, goodbye, don’t ever reply me.

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The thing is, not everything you do is right @manh, and your group doesn’t attract people to discuss game dev! But fine, I won’t speak with you anymore, just do wrong and waste time!

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Hi All.
Mình thấy đây là topic để bạn Mạnh giới thiệu sản phẩm và thành quả của mình tốt nhất không nên tranh luận về việc nên tự tạo engine hay không hay tương lai thế nào. Nếu vẫn muốn tiếp tục thì mọi người tạo một topic mới về chủ đề này và trao đổi thẳng thắn.

P/S Còn việc tự mình phát triển thì thành công hay thất bài phụ thuộc vào nhiều yếu tố. Đơn cử như hạt nhân linux nó cũng bắt đầu với một dự án cá nhân.

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Kỳ lạ thật, chỉ khuyên đúng những gì người khác nói với mạnh thôi nhưng lại bị chuyển thành công kích cá nhân! :slight_smile: Chắc do mâu thuẫn lớn quá! Thôi ko rep topic này nữa! :slight_smile:

83% thành viên diễn đàn không hỏi bài tập, còn bạn thì sao?