Why don't you try like @otaku_professor?

I browse the the English folder and see a lot of postings. Funny is that the postings are all in Vietnamese, except the 1st posting posted by the founder Lê Trần Đạt .
It seems to me that people do want to learn English, but their courage quickly dwindles if they have to write and probably have to speak in English. Some of members asked for or exposed the “secrecy” of learning English and the solutions could be all fine, but futile and useless if they don’t dare to write in English or to speak English to a foreigner.
Vietnam is becoming the most popular travel destination for foreigners in SE Asia -just behind Thailand. The chance to chat or to befriend an English speaking tourist is huge… If they don’t take advantage of these opportunities, they will never learn (to write and to speak) English.
A member of this forum @otaku_professor shows me how brave he can be. He writes in English and is not afraid that what he has written is right or wrong in (grammatical) English. He just writes, writes and writes. I bet his English is so good that he has no problem hearing English. I admire his courage and I told him that he should just try to write English correctly for his future career. @otaku_professor wisely recognized and said:

seriously, programmer who can’t read and understand english is incompetent to survival in this work, so as my opinion, what you should do NOT is learn code, what should should do is learn english right and now, Vietnamese resource is so poor and really hard to undertand more than english. Starting with turn all language in your device to english, and make a habit when face with new word you don’t know, not copy and paste all the line of text, just type the word you don’t understand onto Google Translate.

(source: HERE) Bravo @otaku_professor!

I wish that IT developers could have as much courage as @otaku_professor.


All can be brave, including idiots. @otaku_professor is one of the latter :joy:. He just shows off his own grammar and vocabulary shortage :joy:


You know, trying to rise above others means insulting them. Insult is easy and cheap. This is the main reason why there are wars and murders all over the world.
Don’t get me wrong because everyone can be an idiot (your word) in this or any other field. I don’t condemn @otaku_professor for his lack of vocabulary, nor his problems with English grammar. It is his ability and his way of learning. What I found excellent is his courage to write in English without fear of being taunted or insulted ( e.g “show-off” as you condescendingl said) . His way of learning is exactly what one should do when one starts to learn a foreign language.

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Sure. Two sides of the same coin. I’m not trying to be superior or anything. But he’s kept showing that repetitively. Not just once. :smiley:. He should somehow fix that, tho :sweat_smile:. Your opinion encourages him to use more. Mine makes him think again about his own shortage. I see nothing wrong here :smiley:

People scare to write in English, even in English topics, in Vietnamese forum. You know why? Because there are many “smart” guys are hungry to analyze every character you wrote for bad grammar, vocabulary or …typo. :smiley:

I would say, I can be wrong in writing in Vietnamese (my mother language), why would I cannot be wrong in English : :smiley:


I know. That’s why I tried to convince @anonymous280 but it’s seems to me useless. And it’s the reason why I “admire” the courage of @otaku_professor

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I always tell any new joiners of my team that they should ask as many questions as they can in the first 6 months, even stupid ones, and nobody will judge them during this period. Surely, they will make mistakes, be annoying, and go the wrong way in learning, but that’s how people learn new things. Ultimately, that encourages curiosity, which is one of the most important traits for any engineer, and gives people a chance to learn more about themselves as well.

@otaku_professor is still in this early stage. With his current English ability, he will make more silly mistakes and be more annoying in his way of expressing himself. But it is a healthy learning process, and as long as he keeps an open mind, I hope everybody can be generous and forgive him in this early stage, so that he has his chance to improve.
If he is eager to learn correct English, he will soon improve.

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@library Well said !

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For me, i admit that my english is not good, but enough for some conversations. My the biggest language barrier is vocabulary. So if i see that i am writing a word incorrectly or don’t know what is a vietnamese word in english (wanna type “cuộc hội thoại” but i am confused which is correct, conservation or conversation :grin:), i will use google translate. If the weather that day is beautiful, i can remember that word forever :slight_smile: Just share the way i correct my english

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