Suggestion: Putting DNH's Discord Link in the Top of the Main Page


(Asteru) #1

Hello anh @ltd và mọi người,
I am one of the new members in DNH, but I generally contribute more to the site’s Discord server.

For those who are new here, DNH has a Discord server and it was advertised in the banner of the main page a few months ago. The server was meant as a place where community members can hangout, chat, and get to know each other more. Recently, the banner had been taken down, which makes it a lot more difficult for the new members to find the server, or even know that it existed in the first place (aside from digging up old topics, and let’s be honest, rarely anybody will do that).

So I’m suggesting that the Discord link can be placed at the top of the page, as in here:

This will make it a lot easier for new members (and returning members) to access the server if they need to.

Now I am terrible with naming thing :cry:, but most website I go to often call their Discord link as Discussion, Chat, Community, etc… . Hopefully that will give Anh Đạt and the DNH community an idea on what the name should be.

Other than that, thank you for listening to my suggestion and oh, for those of you who will be joining the server in the future. New members will need to answer a question by the bot in #welcome to be able to see the rest of the server. It’s to prevent bots and people who only come to ask question then leave, so you should be fine if you are not one of those two. :grin:

(Lê Trần Đạt) #2

Noted, I will update.
Done. Added Discourse link.

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