Some people think cooking at home is a waste of time. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

There is an increasingly popular belief that cooking at home is a waste of time. However, I find myself in complete disagreement with this opinion because of the merits they offer.
First, Cooking is not as time-consuming as you think. With the inception of the modern era, There are many services, especially regarding raw ingredients delivery, for customers. All you need is to write down what you need to prepare for the meal on the software and click done. So you just need to focus on preparing the meal. If you still have concerns about dirty dishes after a meal, you can share the responsibility of cleaning up with other people in the meal or just buy a dishwasher to make it easier. According to my calculations, this only took less than an hour.

Secondly, it exerts a number of positive effects on people. As I mentioned, the materials we buy must be hygienic and healthy, so you can prepare the dish to suit your taste and ensure the food quality. Besides, this is an opportunity to heals relationships with people during meals and improves the cooking ability for an independent life. Think about it, after a hard-working day, you cook by yourself and enjoy it with your family, which will help you relax and tighten the family bonds and also enhance cooking skills in the transition to adulthood to better prepare for the future. Without this, we can lose the cohesion of social relationships and the ability to live independently.

In conclusion, my opinion is that home-cooked meal is not only healthy and hygienic but also improve personal skills and the family relationship.

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