IELTS essay: Learning foreign languages

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Many people nowadays believe that studying foreign languages brings us many advantages.
How far do you agree with this opinion?
Write at least 250 words.

As the world is developing rapidly,the needs of communication also increases.Because of this,it is vitally important to study a foreign language.In my perspective,I totally agree with the idea that study foreign languages have variety of benefits

Firstly,studying foreign languages helps people to communicate more easily.In many cases in life,we may need foreign languages to talk to others.For instance,one day, you may meet a Japanese traveller on the road,and he ask you for the way to somewhere.If you do not know Japanese at that time,how can you help him?Another good example is when you have a trip overseas,maybe to the United States.If you do not know some essential words or phrases in English,how can you manage a good holiday there?Everything seems very difficult without knowing variety of languages.

In addition,foreign languages may help in studying.Indeed,foreign languages such as English or French now have become an important subjects on the timetable of many schools around the world.In some developing countries,in which the economics development still slow,there is often not enough modern teaching aids and limited study environment,which make it difficult for teaching and studying.Therefor,people frequently desire to study abroad in a richer country.However,to study abroad in a country,student have to know that country’s language completely.For example,if you want to study in an English-speaking country,you have to prove that you can listen,speak,read and write in English fluently.Of course,you have to pass some tests before study abroad.If you do not pass the tests,there will be no opportunities.

In conclusion,I restate my opinion that it is extremely necessary to know one or more foreign languages.On the other hand,I highly recommend that foreign languages teaching programme will be developed and applied in education,especially at high schools and at an early age.

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