Hmm so what's up my little guys?

Hmm, about 8 years of experience for some ppl maybe it’s a long time and I seem to be a advance-senior, specialist, or even expert? but maybe it’s nothing and for me my experience is in the middle, I’m stuck here and know no way for escaping.

What I need to do when I will be 30 years old in about three months later? some one will talk: “I saw lots of ppl who still coding at 50 years old, bla bla”. Then I said: “give me 2 names of them”, …69 years later I still don’t know any name. LOL, hi guys, please think very carefully when you’re about talking to me, because I’m a serious man :=]]]]]
I can’t do a job every day for every year until I die, “NO NO oh Buddha and God or Alla, anyone else above the blue sky please save me, please!!!” I screamed everyday from inside my mind.

There’re a ton of reasons: “my healthy is not good, I don’t like my job, etc…” but I remembered my boss said to me: “hey man, I do this job for more than 20 years, and you know what? yes I don’t like it too, but this is survival, you don’t do this, your family get problem, just think like that”. Ah yes he was right, if I don’t do this job, then I need to find another, and nothing guarantee that I won’t give up again and again.

Now back to my very close future, I’m not young, I’ve family and they can’t live only by breathing and look at my f*cking face day by day :=]]]]] SO WHAT NEXT? currently I’ve a good and stable job(many ppl want this job). But my company and yours, the company can’t just through money every month for a guy who can only do the same job with a performance decrease by about 2-3% annually(trust me an old man can’t type as fast as a teenager, and problem solving too).

Now I write down my solution for myself and anyone who’re facing this problem, yes you still can code, but decrease to only 50% or even lower, for the remain 50% do something like learn a new “domain” to become a fullstack developer or learn something new to get a higher position. In my company(I don;t know maybe yours still the same), even you’re a genius in a major but if you can’t do as a fullstack developer then maybe you’ll be fired. So why? simple in a big company or an international corporation, they can’t find out only your major projects, they’ve lots of projects from many majors, so for optimizing the revenue, they’ll hire only few developers(at senior level) but can do “fullstack” job, certainly they can pay you a very high salary.

One more thing, despite of you’re an excellent fullstack developer but by the time you get old then you can’t “fast” as a young and excellent developer, now but you’ve more experience than the young man, so why not become his/her advisor or even manager? yes this one is the right way for me and of course for you too, for sure you’ll get at least double his/her salary, I know it because…I won’t tell you :=]]]]]

Last but not least, keep your health or anything will be nonsense. See you later from the under world my dears. :=]]]]


Once in a blue moon, there’s a post in the English category. Thank you for sharing your experience and your kind words, I genuinely appreciate them and you.


You either die as an Engineer or live long enough to see yourself become the Manager


Agree with you.
Learn new domains to keep your brain sharp.

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