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superman, superman everywhere :v

the best in Vietnam that time was about 9s, and the world’s one was 5.68s (approximately)

i used stickerless cube so i was banned


Wow, really, how could they solve a rubik that fast?

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oops, my opinion is HCM open, not world
are you a member of rubikvn ?

There is a type of way, there are more than 500 methods, they learn them by heart

they use CFOP solution, it’s very fast and have a lot algorithm

I don’t even know that our forum brings so many talents :wink:

Don’t even know there is such a thing exists.

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that method called ZBF2L

yeah, i also think the same, but it exists :smiley:

Is that you ? :neutral_face:

yes, fat and have glasses (cute maybe):))

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Man, how awesome you are. So @nhatlonggunz can you beat him in solving 3x3 rubik?

Wow, now I can tell everybody that I don’t know how to solve a 3x3 rubik, but I have a lot of friends who know.

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if i did, you would watch a video of me, not the one above

Which one @nhatlonggunz. Have you had another video of you?

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no i don’t
i meant Felik, the one who reached 5.65s

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No, I mean you :smile:

So everyone, are you going to join the writing class tomorrow? To tell you the truth, I haven’t prepared anything :frowning:


just write what you think, that’s the way i write in all exam

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Nowaday, I usually listen and practice to sing this song

I like playing game, such as Fifa, Aoe, but I am a bad player, so I choose to watch others play instead.

Nevertheless, I always had a dream that I will travel to a foreign country. I can’t do it now, but in the near future I would make it comes true. By the way, I love seafood.
For movies, I like action and comedy movies. Obviously, I am not keen to watch horror movies or even thriller one, it makes me real scare


The fastest way to solve the Rubik with a newbie is break it and build it again

83% thành viên diễn đàn không hỏi bài tập, còn bạn thì sao?