English is fun, let's chat

yeah, mission completed :))


1 color? really???

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i saw it, but i couldn’t find any videos teaching it

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many colors =))
@nhatlong: It’s gimmick. you can buy it in a magic shop. Then you can practice to perform that trick :v

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Yeah i love programming more and more after i watched this awesome film!

Have you ever watched this?

I’ve heard about the movie, I will watch some day :smile:

all: did you guys ask for a writing topic? Here it is

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When I was child, I just take 2min30 to solve :))

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I broke one and never know how to reassemble it =))

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2min30, not so fast.

rubikvn.org, the largest forum for VN cubers has been closed ( I has just searched for it as the desire of finding my lost memory). It doesn’t make me surprised, the last time i was there (about 2 years ago), it was a boring forum. Newbies just asked the same questions to the one having the answers (the most common is “which cube should i use”. There was a pinned topic for this question, but everyday, many topics were created to ask right that inquiry). Members just came, check if there were any new topics, then again they access the entertaiment box or chatting until something else fascinated them. Advertisement was less day by day because of Facebook had been more productive. They cannot afford to lasting anymore, closing is unavoidable.

I hope our forum won't be like that


@nhatlonggunz Do you think rubikvn.org die because Facebook was more attractive?


No, it just because there was nothing new. Everyday, just the old questions “loop over”. So the only thing attracted them was the game box. But games are not infinite, so … . Facebook didn’t attract them so much that time.

:anguished: does this mean that i am banned ?

Let others join the conversation

This topic is clearly important to you – you’ve posted more than 21% of the replies here.

Are you sure you’re providing adequate time for other people to share their points of view, too?

It just means that you posted too many posts in this topic, but don’t worry about that. I posted 19 posts (20 included this one)

This is just a way Discourse tries to help us building a meaningful conversation. Howerver, this topic is an off-topic from beginning, so don’t worry about that. Let’s chat.

Good, you go directly to the point, “nothing new” kills a forum. “Too many things new” also decreases the quality of discussion if we can not control it.

I am trying to maintain a strong relationship between DNH members. We are, at first, small, but we’re close.


I have a lack of motivation of my life, my career. Can anyone suggest me some tips to get out of this matter :expressionless:

What are you doing for living? What are the problems with your life and your career?

@all: Hello :smile: how was your Tet?

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I used to know that when i was at grade 11.

I used to know how to solve it when I was a freshman


Great forum! I’m a newbie. I think I will get more knowledge from you. Hello everybody :slight_smile:

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Thank @minhnghia20290 we can teach each other bit by bit and all will learn something after all.

Have a nice weekend everyone :smile:

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Hi everyone, i think daynhauhoc is very different, strange and interesting, but i like have a Dark theme option :blush:

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83% thành viên diễn đàn không hỏi bài tập, còn bạn thì sao?