Tips to get rid with freeze when use Ubuntu

My pc is really old and weak, even though i use Ubuntu, which better performance more than Window, so its usually freeze many times, and i’m so tired when its stop and shutdown when i’m in middle of work, so i’m trying to find many ways for get rid of that and this is the result:

-Whenever my pc is crash and freeze, press Ctrl+Alt+Fn+F1, after that you will jump into log in screen (and all your work still there, not lost).
-In log in screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Fn+F3, you will switch to terminal, type username and password of your account onto this, and that’s it, in this terminal, you can do something to troubleshoot your problem, for example: you can type top to check the program consume the most CPU and use pkill name_program or kill pid_program to kill it, or you can use systemctl to shutdown some service, or you can use sudo lsof -i to check problem about network .etc

If your pc still crash and not accept input anymore, good luck, i believe you know what you should do when reach that point :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:.

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Damned! It’s hard to understand and I hope other readers are “able” to decipher what you’ve written here.

I’m trying to decipher your narrative into plain text:

My PC is really ancient even though I use Ubuntu which has better performance than Windows. It freezes frequently and I’m so tired of it stopping and shutting off in the middle of work. So I’m trying to find ways to fix the problems and here is the result:

  • Whenever the PC crashes and freezes, press Ctrl+Alt+Fn+F1 and a login screen will appear (and all your work is still there, nothing is lost).
  • On the login screen, press Ctrl+Alt+Fn+F3 to go to the terminal. Enter your account username and password there, and you can do something on this terminal to fix your problem, for example: you can enter top to check the program that hogs the CPU and pkill name_program or use kill pid_program to kill it, or you can use systemctl to shut down a service, or you can use sudo lsof -i to check network problems etc

If your PC still crashes and stops accepting input, good luck. I think you know what you should do when you get to this point.

Ubuntu is only a bit better performance than Windows. For old pc/laptop, you should consider ChromeOS.

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Thank for correct me bro, that’s my mistake, i’m not even realize it, some small things like that really made me unnoticeable, the way you revise really easy to follow more than me. Still much things to learn, yare yare… :expressionless: :expressionless: :expressionless:

The way you learn English is exactly the way every linguist recommends. I think it’s time you pay more attention to the details: the grammar. The most difficult part of any language.

Yeah, i will try it.

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