Prevent access to a website

There is a website i’m spend so much time for it, you know, addict, like twitter or facebook, and i want to stop myself from access it but i can’t do it, i had use some extension for blocking website but a few minute later i disable or remove this extension for continue enter those website, how ashamed i am, even though i not disable it, i can switch to other browser for trying find a solution to access those website(i’m use 3 different browser at same time). Since i use Ubuntu, i tried to add those website to /etc/hosts but it not use because i can easily bypass it by use VPN, since i have some experience with linux, i have no idea what i should do because i can easily recover it with some tricks…
Does you guys have any idea?

setup a firewall at router / os level
set the password for the router / os to a random one so that you can’t even remember.
this will lock yourself out of the admin power until you reset the router or reinstall the os :shrimp:

I can use ufw to block those web, but even though it, i’m still can bypass if i use VPN, and i need admin privilege(sudo) for much task, i can’t set it password to random.

:rofl: you are not ready to get pass your addict then.

“people find a way to achieve what they want, and a reason for what they don’t.”

therefore, even when someone shows you how to block vpn, filter vpn traffic, setup a non sudo user; i bet you’ll find a reason not to do it.

Since VPN is design to bypass network blocking, stop it maybe not possible and challenge task. Maybe i need some other ways to get pass my addict, your answer is well and got the point, thank.

Simplest way is just delete/deactivate your accounts.


Thats great idea!, Why i forget this case? How dumbass i am, i just need delete that account. Thank you very much!

Rồi mắc gì Tiếng việt không dùng lại dùng Tiếng Anh ? :slight_smile:

Maybe he get used to English more than Vietnamese, i am too, i’m almost use English for my work because with English, you can have a large resource for learning and something other, which limited if use Vietnamese, English isn’t scary as i think before, contrary, its is powerful tools for communicate over countries

mắc gì ko dùng nick thiệt mà dùng anonymous vậy nè, nhiều con anon quá :hocho: 273 :hocho: 277 :hocho: 278

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