How i had overcome my fear coding

So, its been a long times since i learn about coded, look at much beginner struggle and miserable when learn coding, i think i will share my experience when i’m still beginner and how i break this point.

First time i want to learn code is when i play GTA5, after several days play it, i think it so well and i have a idea “Why don’t i try to make it?”

And after few days research, watch some tutorial, and look at the world of programming, i think “i want to become a programmer”. Really, not joke, I, absolutely newbie and don’t know any single code, want to become programmer.

That time when i’m still is high school student, and just know some simple code of c++, has register to Information and technologies class of college when i 12 grades with hope about lighting future to become a programmer (i even don’t know english).

And after several month, the more i learn about programming stuff, the more i fell overwhelming, because i can’t get all of it, so that time, i just know something about c++, Godot, and … over, think about become something like programmer but just have those stuff in head, even though several years pass away, so hilarious, right.

And myself that time also realize it, and you know what i do after…? .Play games, yes, play games at all time, watch Tiktok, Facebook, and Free Fire, and more, waste my times onto social media, and when i think about “Is this time, this time i MUST to learn code, i must stop what i doing right now” and when think about that, i still continue play games, watch social media, throw yourself onto darkness hole, endless circle…

Let’s me say more detail:

  • I think about i MUST to learn, so, i go to youtube, watch some tutorial, and whenever my friend message me, i stop video, and reply him, and you know how many long i take to it? its a lot of hours pass away to i can continue this video after reply him, Why? because when done with him, i also go to Tiktok to watch some video, watch some Anime, and play Free Fire, and when look at the screen still display my tutorial video, i think “oh my god, how i can take that much times, maybe when done this round, i will continue my learning after”,but i can’t stop my fingers, enemies shot me, i’m died, i want to revenge him, but i’m still learning, And the end of the day, i’m still plays game, to my phone run out battery or much times passed, and when it run out battery, i even take my backup charger (sạc dự phòng) plug on it to play. I addict social media and games at that time, i admit it.

  • I watch youtube video about full course, crash course to learning, this is the process:

   0. Click on the video
   1. Watch video
   2. When the instructor write some code, pause video
   3. Write again code in my computer and practice
   4. When done, continue video 
   5. Again step 1 to the end video
  • And even though i don’t be distracting in social media, i’m still take a long long long and very longs time to watch end video just about 2 hours. Of course i yawn and fell boring when do it, distracting so much because relate video youtube recommend below my tutorial video and click on it with the thinking “maybe i will take some rest” (even though has not yet watch the first 20 minutes this video). And with that ways, the more i learning the more boring and tired accumulate on me make me fell stress (because after the video, i’m still don’t understand anything (OF COURSE i will, because im not focus on it!)).

  • I realize social media waste my times so much, so i’m trying to find a way to get out it, shutdown my phone and throw it on the box, i stay on desk and learning, but few hours after, i fell boring, so i think again “may be i will take some rest”, take the phone out of box and run into Tiktok and Facebook, and “the rest” of me is 4, 5, 6… hours…

  • I think i Must Stop it, and when struggle with the worst ways to learn (some step above), i google something like “Learn how learning” and i find something maybe helpful, and that times i have a plan for study like that:

    8:00->Wake up
    9:15->Prepare for learning
    9:30->Start first learning session
    12:30->Take the rest
    1:30->Prepare for second learning session
    2:00->Start second learning session
  • I dont know what do you think about this plan but that time i think it quite good, and after follow it 3 days…, i throw it aways, Why? because the “rest”, overtime for rest, rest too soon, start learning time too late because i more busy for fun with Tiktok from “rest”.

And im really forget all stuff of learning and lost myself into social media and games after this event.

So, when i become no hope, look at how bad i am, This day changed my life

A days as usual, start learning with tired fell, i think “Maybe i will start build project” and go to youtube find some tutorial for build project, and this time, the way i learn changed, i just watch introduce of this video to see how this project look like when done, and close video, go on github link of project he put in desc and “Starting to build again with no instruction”, rebuild this project from scratch, when ever encounter new code, google it, and i code code and code to end this project, my first project, and look at it, that’s is my first acchievement, the ways i learning, the ways i find out mean of new code, ways i solve problem with my own, that REALLY MAKE ME SO EXCITED

After done my first project, of course i’m still watch social media and games after that, but meanwhile, i also think about how fun this “First” project bring me on, and ride on it, i’m starting with second, third and so on project build with my own, the more i code, the more i love it, that’s time, i realize how much i like coding.

I also take some rest once done a project, but i will skip rest sometime, i’m really don’t care about it, i just want to code as soon as possible, i’m not need plan or anything, i’m learn at all time i can, when the time code came, i think “I want to learn it” more than “I have to learn it”, between “have to” and “want” have a huge diffirent, i don’t force myself to learn, i enjoy it, recall my darkness young, when i look at Beau Cranes in Freecodecamp and think “How this guys can enjoy and full of energy like that when coding?”, now i’m understand it very well.

So with my story above, i want to say with beginners, when you fell overwhelming when code, take some rest, calm down your head, starting to build real project, not JUST learning or some small practice, build real project, i know it hard, but if you can do it, you will overcome yourself, let’s you coding because you love it, not because you force to do it, because the strongest enemy of you is yourself.

I also see some rookie lament about “coding is hard” or something, really, i don’t think it hard that’s much:

  • Recall when i starting to learn Bootstrap, the documentation of it really worst and i don’t understand anything when read, i mean, they wrap all their instruction into a huge page make me hard to learn because it length, and their not say much about how a certain class work or something, absolutely diffirent with tailwind documentation, easy and explain very clear, that time i think “I want to kick on the butt who made this documentation” i’m not give up with it, after few hours trying go along with they garbage doc, i realize i can understand it so well (with practice and build project) more than tailwind, they design is aim to let’s user own understand it, much example is given, and i use it to find out much stuff.

  • Or when the time i learn Java, the first time look at source code, think “Just hello world also length like that, how verbose this language” and that not misunderstanding, Java is very verbose, they very strictly about type, how code is putting and some other, i think im really hate it and tagged it is “sh*t” language, but im not give up, still trying to learn after that, and now, its my favourite language, because its so verbose and strictly, just look at source code, i can understand its program so well.

I think something easy or hard can’t decide by itself, it decided by YOURSELF.
So if you think something hard, don’t give up, fight it to the end, and you will realize much thing after you win this battle.


2 months ago, I had an idea that: i would make a game. Then, clicked on a ramdom tutorial making game video, And what i did is play, pause and code, did this process again and again just like you. But after a few days, i realized that i do not have enough time to do that stuff (cuz i am still a high-school student, and you know that a student in this age spends almost thier whole day studying bruh), i decided to give up. Will comeback after graduting. That’s my experiment! (my english is pretty bad :frowning:)

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Oh bro, that’s indeed is the worst way to learn, i will give up can can take any longer after 1 hours do that way :sob: :sob: :sob: (real life experience)
The ways i learn is jump directly to source code and start coding right, rebuild this game project from scratch. Not only its make me learn faster, but also its make my process of learning fun and i’m really enjoy it, because i’m do all stuff by myself, explore new code, testing, solve problem .etc

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yeah, i don’t even know how each command works, what i do is just copy code of that guy.

Do you use scratch to rebuild a whole game or just a part of your process ?

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I rebuild everything bro, i NOT ALLOW myself code anything i don’t understand, and the end of project, i understand everything about it, what tasks of each file, how it work, how each function works, how they communicate with each other, library, framework .etc
I don’t use ‘COPY AND PASTE’, i’m really not recommended you copy and past code, because you will absolutely not understand anything after that

You copied that function without understanding why it does what it does, and as a result, you code is GARBAGE
Linus Torvalds

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scratch i want to say not is Scratch (game engine), but this

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yes, now i don’t use that way anymore, it makes me become worse

oh thank you, i misunderstood :grin:

You should try to learn English the right way. Your “Vietglish” is leading you to nowhere, but it could harm your career if you continue to write and (probably) speak the way you currently do.
Don’t excuse your English, because I see you tried to write correctly in English (e.g. the correct past tense: did, would. realize, etc.).

To both of you: Coding is different than programming. A man can repair a car or a scooter (coding), but he is NOT a mechanical engineer (programming) if he does not have the basic knowledge of mechanics taught in university, such as thermodynamics, materials science, construction rules and design, etc. What I want to say is that coding is based on seeing and imitating like copy & paste without knowing why the codes should be that way. The word programming comes from program. A program means a sequence, schedule of tasks/works that lead to the desired solution.
In short:
Programming is the methodical way of approaching a problem and solving it using logic and mathematics.
Coding is a haphazardness or pure luck if the result is working.


Thank you for making our mind clear!

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